Virtual Sale

Cashel Mart is set to host a ‘virtual sale’ of Elite Economic Breeding Index (EBI) weanling and in-calf dairy heifers on Friday, September 10, at 7:00p.m.

This sale will consist of dairy stock with an average group EBI of €180 or higher. Farmers interested in selling dairy stock at the sale must have a minimum of 10 heifers on offer. The unique thing about Cashel Mart’s sale is that stock never have to leave the farm until they are sold.

A representative from Cashel Mart will collect herd details and data on each individual animal on offer at the sale.

The animals will then be photographed and videographed by a mart representative and this will be included on the sales catalogue that will be available on MartEye.

Information available on the mart catalogue will include:

  • Breeding information; 
  • Herd health status;
  • Background information on herd, including milk solids, kgs of concentrates fed and scan dates;
  • Photographs and videos of stock.

A day will be given for interested viewers to call to see the stock on the farm – by appointment only – if they feel the need to do so.

The auction will then get underway on MartEye, Friday evening, and stock will be auctioned off and sold to the highest bidder.

Following the sale, the seller will then transport the stock to the mart and payment will be made via electronic fund transfer to the seller on the day.

How the Virtual Elite EBI sale works

  1. Farmer with stock to sell contacts Cashel Mart;
  2. Representative from Cashel Mart calls out to the farm; 
  3. From there, Cashel Mart collects all the relevant information; 
  4. Promotion is carried out through the mart’s website and social media channels;
  5. Viewing of livestock for sale takes place on-farm by appointment only;
  6. All stock remain on-farm until sale is closed;
  7. On the day of sale, online bidding takes place via MartEye; 
  8. Livestock buyer transfers funds to Cashel Mart; 
  9. Stock is delivered to Cashel Mart by the seller;
  10. Electronic transfer of funds to the seller takes place on sale day from Cashel Mart.